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Desk top Wallpaper and more.

 I want to build my web Site, but I don't know How!

Free Web Content and Support.

Here you will find the Help, content and Support in building your web page. If there is something that you can't understand on how to do, all you have to do is go to the Support section and describe your problem and get help on that

At the graphics section:

  • Web Backgrounds

  • Animated Backgrounds

  • ClipArt and Animated ClipArt

  • Bar lines and Animated Bar lines

  • Buttons, arrows and bullets

  • 3D Art work and Abstract Art

  • Desktop Wallpaper

  • Incredible Fractals

  • Moving Backgrounds

  • Banners and Logos

In the Tutorial Section you'll learn.
How To...

  • How to...

  • How to design a webpage

  • How to use HTML editors

  • How to put a color background

  • How to put an image background

  • How to add images

  • How to add music

  • How to put Scripts

  • How to setup links

  • How to upload

  • How to insert stuff to a webpage

  • How to make a banner

  • How to work with images

  • What does "URL" mind?

  • What is "http"?

  • And More!

Some extra stuff

  • Banners templates to chose.

  • Build your animated banners.

  • Do your own 3D Banners.

  • 3D logos.

  • 3D headings.

Get The language translator

Help visitors to navigate your web site with:
"Translate this site" Tool.
If your Website have International audience from all over the world Then you need a Language Translator in your website to help the People that doesn't speak your language to navigate your website easily.  Get one for your site free.

Scripts and Tricks Section

  • How to disable the right click mouse.
  • How to put your web page upside down and backwards.
  • A snake text following the cursor.
  • An image floating in your webpage.
  • An image following the mouse cursor.
  • On mouse over, the link turns upside down.
  • How to put the scroll bar on the left side.
  • How to have your Background still when you scroll your webpage.
  • How to make your webpage to appear in a maximized browser. (Break that Frame)
  • How a visitor can change the background of your web page.
  • How to create visual effects when the mouse cursor goes over a link or an image.
  • How to lock Visitors in your Website.
  • And much more! Lots of Scripts.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I know the secrets to make you page to appear in the search result of Search engines and how to be in the top ten positions on Google search result first page.
How did you found Top position first page results on Google.

I know the secret!!

Web Tools

Tools to design a web page

  • A graphics manipulation Program (To resize, transform and convert Images)

  • HTML Editor ( To design without HTML)

  • Script Tester (To test the Scripts)

  • Note Pad ( To edit the html)

  • Graphics animator (For animated gif's)

  • Screen capture (To copy images from the screen)

  • Ftp (optional) (To upload files to your server).

And Other graphics tools.

Tools to optimize web pages

  • Html Validators (check errors)

  • Css Checker ( check Css scripts)

  •  Web page analyzer

  • Keyword density analyzer.

  • Site checker for broken links.

  • Link popularity check.

  • Broken link checker

  • Rank check and checker.

  • Meta tags generator.

  • Web server software checker.

  • View source code.

  • View your system configuration.


And other web tools


Enhance your web pages

  • Designing tools

  • Programs

  • Tutorials

  • Scripts

  • Graphics

  • Templates

  • Banners

  • Logos

  • ClipArt

  • And More

Change the colors on your scroll bar
 Get the script with this ...
Scroll bar color Script code generator.


Tricks (only I-E)
(some versions)

All Popup Windows.


Press "ALT   F4"to Unlock

Something similar to an Earthquake.
Play games 4

Top Keywords
Check the top Keywords of the major search engines
And use the ones related to your web site content to increment your traffic.

New! support
What is in the  support section
If you have trouble in designing your web page or need help with scripts, html codes; Here you will get The help you need...

Robot.txt If you have your own domain, You need this file to stop the Search engines robots from indexing your files like "cgi" an other secure files.

   In the Web tools section

Once you have finished designing you web page, you need some tools to check it for errors and mistake and to optimize your web pages.
  • Add forms to your web site.

  • Domain name availability.

  • Who is Look up.

  • Short Domain Name Search

To be a webmaster is not only to know how to design and upload your files to the server, but also to know that in order to reach a top position in the search engines and have more visitors, you have to work in getting better rank. link popularity, knowledge in keywords, meta tags and other things; in the web tools section you will find a lot of tools you can use on line (FREE)  

What is your system configuration.
As a Computer Operator and Internet Traveler, you need to know the capabilities of your computer.
Check it Now.

  1. current resolution?

  2. browser?

  3. max resolution?

  4. version?

  5. color depth?

   6.   code name?
   7.   platform?
   8.   colors?
   9.   java enabled?
 10. anti-aliasing fonts?



Today's Stuff
Scripts and Tricks
Web tools
Search engines
Web Utilities
Graphic tools
Popup windows
Web backgrounds
Interactive  Wallpaper.
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Links Directory

New! New!
Do your own banners and Logos

A great variety of cool web backgrounds graphics special for your web
logos and banners


Free Icons to go!

Cool 3D
backgrounds for my webpage

interactive desktop Wallpaper.

Sound and Magic. Backgrounds.

Where you control the speed and motion

NASA Hubble Space Telescope Images.

More sites with Back grounds.

For my webpage
Moving Clouds
For my webpage
For my webpage
El Usuario
For my webpage
La fonda
For my facebook
UFO's fractal graphics.
Website with cool dark blue backgrounds
Hallucinated web graphics.
The Extraterrestrial Master
Back grounds and Wallpaper of Planets.
Abstract art Fractals web graphics
Fractal things
Fractal belts
Cool Wallpaper
Space interactive desktop Wallpaper.
How to link to other websites
Scripts and java scripts. (tutorials)

More "Goodies"

Mister Popup and his windows
Scripts for most popular popup windows

The Secret Tricks with JavaScript's!
Enhance your WebPages with Scripts and JavaScript's

Cd's labels

Sideral Graphics

Great tricks for your webpage and web sites

Free banner templates and backgrounds
Free logos templates

Arrows and buttons

Menus web Backgrounds

The Secret for Better Rank and more Traffic.

tutorials for popup windows

 Popup windows



World News
Internet News
Search for People
National Geographic

Old home page of

Check your E-mail
Most popular E-mail sites.

You got Mail!



Free Moving clouds background and templates.
Web Graphics.

Backgrounds, Graphics, JavaScript, Scripts, Frames, Html code, codes for CMS

Graphics and Images for Facebook's wall, Page and Cover

And Games
Super cool Astral Travel

Mysteries of your Computer



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