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If you have a question or any trouble in designing your web page or web site, need  a tutorial on how to accomplice some thing or you need some support in  and I will try to help you.

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Requested Tutorials.


comments= I just wanted to say how awsome your site was. I am new to
the webmaster industry and I volunteer part time for the Ohio Chapter
of the ????, also work part time on my website as well ( I have
studio MX and use dreamweaver) How do you go about making a logo
image look like its turning to get a 360 view? If I have the image
can i send it to someone to help me with it? Thanks for all your help

 comments=Where is the best place to put the music code, so that the midi is playing while the page loads? I now have it after the body, but even small files take a while to load. Thanks


you had send me the "Recommened this site" script. As I found that it
was not working want to see my Url then click here.
There is one problem also My guest book is also not working Properly.
But it Works properly on My another Url as on
"". My Guest book is Divided in to
differnent pages As I atteched It Below Pls See This....
So please tell me What should I Change.

I also want to know that can you send me the Script to promote your
website As if the the visitor Leave comments about you on my web &
it will be automatically mail to you With My Reference.

Please send me This Script And also see my web. Pls also tell me what
shoud I change on my web.

Thanks For your Email
Hi I have got the script from you as "Recomend a friend" But It shows
a Message like this

"A Runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug?
Error:Object Expected"

Pls tell me how can i remove this Error


I am kulvinder . I want to change resolution of my website as it
will appear to
my all visitors at 1024x768
whatever may be there system resolution. Pls tell me how i do this
and send me the scipt of This

I also want a "tell a friend" Script for my website



name=Yogi Brown

comments=Sorry, I'm very very new at this. Having trouble with my background. I wanted my table of contents on the left to have a different background then the body but the entire page comes out the same background. I know that I must be doing something wrong. You've gotThe Best site I've seen ont the web. I love your web page. Thanks, Yogi


 comments=I'm trying to find a background for and I don't know how to do it.


 comments=i want that my page sud not contain the scrollbar


 comments=Hy! i made a site..about poetry...and a have a pop-up window... i want it always on top ! Could you help me??please ;) thanks


comments=Hi there, thanks for offering to help some of us, that are
less -in the know- than others.
I'd like to have a picture for the background, that's stationary, and
which could be resized, so it can occupy the whole page - without
making the pix itself huge to begin with, i've tried the WIDTH= and
HEIGHT= but it did NOT worked and is one instance it just wasn't
there at all.
Any suggestion / help is appreciated.


comments=I am using Front Page 2000, and I copy and paste the java
scripts to HTML, but all I get in preview is a copy of the java
script, not what is supposed to happen, for example an object moving
on the background. Thanks for ideas and suggestions.



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In webpage, I have list of
In this I need to have to click the links in order
only. i.e. should follow order.
How to achieve this?
hi i want to know if i can have that code of the dragon snake one is there a way you can giv e me the link code for that thanks

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