A small popup window that impacts the visitors A flying border popup.

A small popup flying window that impacts the visitors when enter your page


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This script creates a pop-up-window that rushes right around the screen. that pops up when a visitor enters in the web page and it appears on the top left corner, goes to the bottom, then to the right, then to the top and to the left back to the left top of the window and it is Great impact for banners and important messages! that will attract viewers attention. Scripts


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Step 1: Download all necessary files as ZIP-file. Unzip the script-file 'popup.js'.
Put the unzipped script-file 'popup.js' and the "content.htm" into the same folder as your webpage.

Step 2: Open your webpage. Paste the following code anywhere into your webpage:

Step 2: Paste the following code right INTO the <body here> tag of your webpage:


The code

You can paste it almost at the end of your page.



The code (second part)


<body onLoad="openpopup('content.htm','130','140')" >

"content.htm"  HTML-file  is the pop-up-window that is displayed (just change its value).
130 is the width of the popup window (just change its value).
140 is the height of the popup window (just change its value).

On click Popup
Mouse over and Pop Up
Leave the web Page pops up
Little flying popup
lock Visitors in your Website.
List of links in a pop up
External link in a popup
 Enter to a web Page and Popup

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