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In this universe every thing vibrates at different frequency .
We are ruled


(Las buenas_Vibras) Vibrations

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To operate: Select the Preset buttons at the left to see sample patterns. To generate your own patterns, use the digital readouts at the right. Adjust the readouts by clicking on the digits: clicking near the top of a digit increases its value; clicking near the bottom decreases its value.

Para operar: precione los botones de la isquierda para ver ejemplos preseleccionados. Para generar su propio estilo cambie el valor de los numeros de la derecha, precionando cerca de la parte superior de los numeros el valor incrementa y precionando cerca de la parte inferior de los numeros el valor decrece (disminuye).

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Lissajous Figures
Lissajous (pronounced LEE-suh-zhoo) figures were discovered by the French physicist Jules Antoine Lissajous. He would use sounds of different frequencies to vibrate a mirror. A beam of light reflected from the mirror would trace patterns which depended on the frequencies of the sounds. Lissajous' setup was similar to the apparatus which is used today to project laser light shows.
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