The Ice on the North Pole has  melted.

it's gone!

It is not myth nor is it legend,
 It is true and it has happened.


All this seems not to be the greatest idea for the media, because they have not informed the people of the fact that the   Ice on the North Pole  has completely melted.   how can they  explain  the causes that originated the catastrophe of the melt down?   except by blaming the rich and powerful owners of factories and industries  ?   The best thing they can do for themselves   is to keep quiet and keep people ignorant about what's really happening.   To them, the north pole is just like the picture on the left where every thing is still the same,  where there are penguins, polar bears and Santa's "residence" with a toy factory having toys ready for the next Christmas, and  children sending their letters with the list of toys they want for the next Christmas.

But the truth is this....

First of all,  I don't even remember the last time I heard about the penguins at the North Pole, and the kids , where are they going to send their letters to Santa? and what about the polar bears? the last one seen was trying to hold to the last peace of Ice of the Artic.


This is the North Pole today.    There  is not even an ice cube.

Picture easy to verify with Google earth because a lot of criteria with no basis calls this "junk information"

In 1909 an expedition commanded by Robert Edwin Peary, with more than 20 men, 125 dogs and 20 sleds with destiny to the North Pole.

Only half of the men returned after the conquest of the North Pole, it was the great adventure of that time and compared with the landing  of men on the moon 

Today the conditions and extreme temperatures that made it almost impossible to reach the north pole do not exist any more, there were ships that got trapped in the  ice.




Some other versions said that the melting of the North Pole was caused by something different..

In the late 50's came the birth of the artificial satellites,   With the launch of the Sputnik satellite on October of 1957 and the signal transmission which lasted for only  23 days because the batteries energy drained; After that Satellite came another called the Early Bird which was followed by others  with the same energy problem that once the batteries die the satellite became obsolete   

In 1961 they found the solution to the problem.   The invention of the Solar cells that converted the energy of light into electricity recharging  the batteries  and giving indefinite life to the next family of satellites.

With their detectors of light energy they discovered  another source of radiation besides the sun  that could  be measured in micro volts and with the passage of  years it is  increasingly being discovered that our solar System is traveling in the direction where that energy is increasing very fast as we get closer to that area where the temperature  is high and we are so close that the north Pole Ice has completely melted.

"Smart" Scientifics  has said that the  melting of the ice is caused by the "green house effect" caused by the indiscriminate  use of aerosols in spray and the contaminants of vehicles, factories and industries,  but if it is as they say,  then the South Pole will be in the same condition that the north Pole is today.   My reasons for saying this is based on the idea that  in the first intentions of man trying to reach outer space,  and this happened with the early trips in cantoya balloon (filled with hot air and some kind of capsule attach to it instead of a basket,  that  on reaching   the stratosphere it was impossible to stand the extreme condition there because the side that was facing the sun got so hot that  one could fry an egg while the shadow side got equally frigid,  and  a similar condition I believe  is happening to our planet where the north is expose  to the radiation of that energy and the south is in the shadowed side.    For that reason the ice in the South Pole is almost intact but as we get closer it also will melt.


In this picture (on the right) the South Pole, we can see the the Ice still almost intact but once we  reach that area  of energy  it will melt,  What do they say that area is?   It Is when our Solar System will be in alignment with the Galaxy (The Milky Way) that is an area where the light comes from everywhere and not only from the Sun, meaning that once we enter there,  there will be no more nights.  In a cycle of 26,000 years this happens twice  ( once every 13,000 years) some people call this the "Photon Belt"


In 1961 begin questions with answers that coincided with the mysticisms, legends and myths of antique cultures such as the Aztecs, Mayans, Hopis, etc just to mention a few   At the time to analyze and calculate the events that are affecting us now and to get dates, every thing  coincides  and points to the year 2012,  these old cultures knew about that, even the  Bible also speaks to  this.
 ( Revelation 21:1,    21:23,   22:5 )

Digging at NASA web site I found more information:

From URL:

RELEASE : 08-301
Date: Nov. 19, 2008

Mysterious Source of High-Energy Cosmic Radiation Discovered

WASHINGTON -- Scientists announced Wednesday the discovery of a previously unidentified nearby source of high-energy cosmic rays. The finding was made with a NASA-funded balloon-borne instrument high over Antarctica.

More at  the NASA website.

What exactly  is going to happen at the end of these three years?



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