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The Straight Line.
Barras Lineas Divisorias para paginas de web
La Linea Recta

Lineas divisorias Animadas

Animated Bar lines

web Page Lines, Bars, Dividers
Horizontal Rule

Lineas, Barras, Separadores, Divisores
Regla Horizontal

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cool dividers

Bars Lines dividers horizontal rule.

 Free for commercial use.

If you have a web graphics gallery, you are free to put all these bars in your web gallery.

There is a way that you can modify the shape of the bars and that is changing the width size and the height size, like of the first bar to made a square:

Or even if you have an animated clip Art graphic (an animated "gif") like this one:

Changing the size to make it an animated bar line like this:

or even like this:

Now you know how to transform an animated image into an animated bar.

Una barra chirris o linea pequeña para separar arriva y abajo

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cool bar


cool lines


cool dividers


webpage barline


webpage lines


webpage divider


web bars


web line




super cool web bar line divider

Next At home page are all the bar-lines (almost everything in one page)

These are not the only bar lines at, the collection of barlines is extensive  for all different colors of background also animated lines all differen style and the are free for commercial use or personal use,  And now that you are here take a look of the structure of the home page design to set hundreds of web pages just in one the Home page, full of backgrounds, wallpaper and what a graphics never seen before. Just take a look!    MORE BAR LINES AND COOL BACKGROUNDS


 The Ice on the North Pole has melted for complete.


Free for commercial use.

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