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The Millennium's Frontier Space interactive desktop Wallpaper

Presenting a new edition of interactive desktop wallpaper.
Best view it at 1024x768 resolution.


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Instructions to setup the desktop interactive wallpaper in your computer:

To see the interactive wallpaper in full window click on the Yellow links;
(Press "Alt+F4" Keys to return to normal window).
To save the interactive wallpaper in your computer, click on the Blue links, in the wallpaper page click on the tool bar of your browser where it says: "File" and "Save As" in "my documents folder";
Once that it is saved, on your Desktop screen on a clear area do a right click, a little window will open, click on "Properties", The "Properties window will open, click on "Browse..." , The browser window will open, Look for the folder named "My Documents", open it and double click on the file of the wallpaper that you just saved, Click "OK" and That's it.


NASA Hubble Space Telescope Images.
Sound and magic.

Sky Images
You can use these images as webpage background or as desktop wallpaper.

3D Abstract fantasy wallpaper & backgrounds.
Images of the Conscience from the "Fourth Dimension"
Lots of web backgrounds & textures.
Animated web backgrounds
WebPages Tricks.

Link to MasterDiz and Rank!

Web Animation Graphics

Web Graphics.

When you are in a 'full window' mode "Remember" to press "Alt + F4" Keys to return to normal window.

Bigger images take little longer to download.

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Getting back Home Wallpaper # 15
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World of gigants Wallpaper # 16
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 The ones marked with an * don't work on some browsers versions but you can try.    

If you have any trouble setting it use the support form and post your trouble and you will receive the help you need.


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