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Webmasters need all kinds of tools and for the web pages design...
Graphic tools are important.

  • Irfan view. A Great graphics, Images, Audio, Video manipulator tool; File extension convert,  resize, enhance, crop, effects, turn, A great tool to reduce your graphics in memory size; save bandwidth and loading time. etc. Free download.
  • 3D Headings.  Make your own headings; Select font, style, color, size, etc. Free on line.
  • Animated Gif Maker. Make your own animated graphics  "Gifīs". very easy to use, Great for animated banners. Free download.
  • Banners. Make your own banners from templates. Free on line.
  • Blender3d . Create 3d graphics and interacting worlds with blender3d, Free Download.
  • AC3D Whether you want to design 3d objects For graphics, games or build your dream home in virtual reality, AC3D is the ideal way to quickly turn your ideas into great three dimensional models. Free download.
  • Amapi 3D   An Interactive modeler Creating 3D graphics, logos and backgrounds. Free Download
  • Generate 3D Digital Terrain Models and Digital Terrain Maps using free digital elevation model (DEM) data from the USGS, NIMA, ASTER, Landsat and other sources. Learn to render them using POV-Ray, MicroDem, Terragen, 3DEM, Global Mapper, Arc Explorer, Multispec and other free or low cost applications. Convert data using GEOTIFF, BANDPASS, DEM2TGA7, DEM2POV2, MDEM2DEM, SDTS2DEM and other converters offered for free download.
  • Terrain Generator This is a program for creating a mesh texture
    using a height map and a number of terrain textures with differing attributes.

If you have or know about more free graphic tools and you want them to appear here, please  use support to make me know and we will add them here.






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