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How to put links in your web page
A tutorial where new webmasters will learn all about links

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In case you couldn't understand the link tutorial, I will help you, send me a note with what you are trying to do, the problem you are having and the URL (address of your web page) if it is on line.



Two types of links. to link to your other pages (Internal) and to other websites (External).

How to link to my other web pages?

Edit your web page with note pad  to see the HTML code (like on the left column) and to be able to insert your link html codes

You have to put the tag (tag is what is in side brackets"< > " some tags have a the end a closing </ > tag) where you want the link to be.

The html tag to link to other pages in your website is:

<a href="name_of_file.htm>the text link</a>

If you have the web page that you want to link in a different directory where the linking page is, the the html tag is:

<a href="directory_name/name_of_file.htm>text of link</a>

If your web page that you want to link is in a different directory in the root directory, then the html tag is:

<a href="../directory_name/name_of_file.htm>text of link</a>

 "URL" minds the address of a file on the internet and begins with: "HTTP://" and it is the "hyper text transfer protocol"
(The way computers use to communicate with other computers o the "World Wide Web" that is the internet).

How to link to my other websites?

To link to other websites on the net it's very similar to link to internal links, here you have to add the "http://" (don't click on it) in your link tag:

<a href="">The webmaster's portal</a>


<a href=""> Text of Link </a>

If you want to link to a specific web page in that domain then :

<a href=">text of link </a>

Or if it is in a different directory then:

<a href="> text of link </a>

Html tags goes inside Brackets " <here > "
<a href="">the mining of this tag is:
anchor hyper reference equals
And between quotations goes the domain name, it can be:
remember to add the "http://" protocol prefix

<a href="">
Next to it goes the text name for that reference that can be: Teaching HTML
It will looks like this:

<a href=""> Teaching HTML

And now close the anchor with : </a>
It will looks like this:

<a href=""> Teaching HTML </a>

There is so more to learn about, but this is the basics.


How to link clicking an image.

There is a method to link to other web page or site by doing click on an image or graphic.

you already have the image for the link to click on, the name of mine in this example is: BALLOON3.GIF
and the web page linking to is MasterDiz home page.

And this is the html tag to implement the link:

website to link to.

image to be click and alternative name to show up

<a href=""> <img src="giflinks/BALLOON3.GIF" alt="Click Here"> </a>

<a href=""><img src="giflinks/balloon3.gif></a>



How to link to an image that is in other website.
To link to an image that is located in a different website you have to ask permission to the Webmaster of that website to link to that image and after you got permission then this is the method to do the "Hot Link": (if you do not got permission to link, do not link; many webmasters have a reduced quota of bandwidth and Hot links use a lot of it leaving nothing to the real visitors, when the quote is reached the website shots down)

You go to the web site where is the image you want in your page, put the mouse cursor on it, do a right click on it, a window will popup click on properties and a bigger window will pop up with the "URL" of that image, copy it and and paste it in  your "html" page.

In this example , I went to this URL:

and did a right click on one of the  images, I did copy the image url (address) and pasted here;

Then I added this:

<img src="     at the beginning

 and added this:     ">   to the end

  and it looks like this:

<img src="">

And here it is:    

You can go to the same "URL" ( same address.) there is a fractal image there that you can try to hot link. (My permission).

And try to link to

If you have any comments or question send me a note and I will answer it.



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