free tutorial. Very easy to learn how to make a popup window when someone click on a link.
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This is a Script that when you click on a link a window pops up

Sample HTML Document

This is the SCRIPT.


<a href="#" onClick=
'clikwin', 'toolbar=no
scrollbars=yes, width=500,height=300')">
Webmasters portal.</a>
Right click in the box "select all" copy and paste.

A popup to other page With tool bar. A popup to to other page.With out tool bar.

Copy and paste the script in your html document between <body>here</body>
where your link is. Put the URL of the your webpage or website you want to Popup where it says "THE URL OF POPUP WINDOW GOES HERE" (See the green letters in the sample html document ).
If you want the Popup window to have toolbar or scrollbars, put "yes" or "no" and you can specify the size of the popup window changing the values in "width and height" (See the yellow letters in the sample html document ).
Put the name of your link where it say "NAME OF THE LINK GOES HERE" (see sample where the blue letters are. )


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