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 These are the secret steps of being listed in the main Search Engines.

Times change and also the way main search engines use to list the websites content; As the internet is expanding very fast, web Crawlers (also known as Robots or Bots) can't be wasting time in websites with irrelevant content or even with relevant content.
Now every thing has changed, web crawlers go where you indicate, and those pages that you want them  to be listed are the ones the the crawlers will list.

You have to build a site map file with the "URL" of the web pages you are interested to be listed, That file is the one web crawlers look for in your domain (Root directory), in that way the main search engines can list the internet faster than the old way of doing it.

The Steps.

One search engine at the time.
Subscribe to (signing up for a "gmail"), this is to get an user Id and a password from Google.
 Once you have your Id, go to the search engine to search and look for sign in (right top) sign in , then click on "Settings" (google account settings).
 That web page is where you are going to be working to submit your site maps and working about your web pages, the web pages to be listed, they have to be with not mistakes, their meta tags and "title" tags complete and perfect and the same with the links and images tags. google will help you with the "robots.txt" file and what ever you nee to know.
Before you needed to go with a pro to help you to have your web pages search engine ready and paying hundreds of "Money" to have it done, now in your google work home page that can be done and with the help of google that will tell you where an error is and how to fix mistakes in your web pages and when your web page is ready  to be listed.

Now, click on "Webmasters Tools" ; Now Submit your web site (you can add as many web site you want) let's start with one.

After you submit a website, google needs to know that you are the administrator or owner of  such website and gives you a key code that you will put  in your website and then will be verified by them (google).

After being verified, in the "sites" area, click in your submitted website to see a complete resume of your web site, It tells you how your web site is in reference with the internet, Who links to your web site and how many broken links and where they are, what are your best keywords in rank, it tells all the pages that need to be fixed and how to do it and when ready help to submit your sitemap.

The time it takes to do all these things depend on the number of web pages (, has hundreds of web pages, is a lot of work for the webmaster), few web pages is done faster but don't  expect  in couple hours, I will say days or weeks but it will be done with satisfaction an happy of being listed in the major Search Engine.

After your web pages are listed, you are going to try to appear in the first page of the search results and only the website with relevant web content "Rank" , appear in the first results page, google will give the tools you need to work getting  higher rank and to be number one position in the first page results.


The same process you follow the the others main search engines; About the same steps; Subscribe, Add or submit a website , Verify, submit sitemap and wait to be listed (yahoo will take little longer but will be Ok).

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Some of the tools are in place now that you can use for free.


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Popup windows Generator.

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Meta Tag Generator
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