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Very Important.
If you translate the scripts and tutorials pages to your language, be sure that scripts and codes you are coping to paste they are in the original language or they do not work. The programing language is done in English and not other language (I will try to fix this bug).
Oh, Muy importante.
Si usas el traductor de lenguage en las paginas de scripts y tutoriales, para traducirlas a tu Idioma, debes de estar seguro que los codigos y scrips que copies , los copies en el idioma original o no funcionaran por que el lenguage de programacion de la computadora es en Ingles y no en Chino u otro lenguage. Tratare de arreglar ese problemilla pronto.

Tutorials on how to.

How to put a color background? In this tutorial you will learn how to put background and how to change the color.
How to put an image for background? Here your will learn to put any image as background.
How to add images? Learn how to add images in your web pages.
How to add music? The easy way to put music to your web pages.
How to setup links? Learn how to link to your other web pages and to other websites.
How to upload my webpage to my server? learn the different ways to upload your files to your server and how to use the FTP
How to design a webpage?  Learn to design web pages with tutorials
What does "URL" mind? "Uniform resource locator" or address of a web site or web page in the internet.
What does "HTTP" mind? "Hyper text transfer protocol"   (they are other protocols like " Ftp" (file transfer protocol))
What is this domain name? The Domain name of this domain is:
What is this domain  address or url? The URL of this Domain is:

 Tutorials for Popup windows.

On click Popup a Window. A window that Pops up when a link is being clicked.
Mouse over and Popup a window A window that Pops up when the mouse cursor pass over a link.
Leave the webpage pops up A window that pops up when visitors leave your webpage
Enter to a webpage and Popup A window that pops up when visitors enter in your web page
A Popup window that never stops Popping Up. An ugly trick of windows that never stops popping up to generate fake clicks and traffic.
Simple flying popup window. A small popup window that goes from left to right on the screen.
How to lock Visitors in your Website. A window with no navigation tools. Visitors can't leave your website.


 Tutorials on scripts

How to disable the mouse right click. Stop visitors from stealing your graphics, scripts, programs, secrets, your work, etc. with this script.
How to put your web page upside down and backwards. Surprise your visitors putting your web page up side down.
A snake text following the cursor. Learn how to make a snake text that will follow the mouse cursor.
An image floating in your webpage. How to put an image that floats in your web page.
An image following the mouse cursor. Put a small graphic in your web page that will follow the mouse cursor.
On mouse over, the link turns upside down. Turn the link up side down when mouse cursor goes over the link
How to put the scroll bar on the left side. A very easy tutorial on how to put the scroll bar on the left side of the window.
How to have your Background still when you scroll your webpage. When you scroll your web page and the background doesn't move.
How to make your webpage to appear in a maximized browser. (Break that Frame) stop your web page to appear inside of a frame, brake that frame and make your web page to appear maximized.
How a visitor can change the background of your web page. Give the opportunity to the visitors to change the background of your web page.
How to create visual effects when the mouse cursor goes over a link or an image. How to create mouse over effects



Links to other tutorials


Mister Popup  All about scripts for popup windows. Free Java Scripts for the most popular Pop up windows. "How to"
Enter to a web Page and Popup A script for a window that pops up when you enter to the web page
Mouse over and Pop Up A Window that Pops Up when the mouse goes over a link.
On click Popup  Click on a link and Popup a window
Leave the web Page pops up  A Script on A window that pops Up when the you leave the page. "How to"
Little flying popup  Enter in this webpage and... A little flying window pops up!
put it in a new a Window  Click on the link and open a new window with no navigation bar; Instead of using a frame for that url, use a new window and as this one has not navigation bars, visitors will be back to your web site.
List of links in a pop up  JavaScript. List all the links of a page in a Pop up window
lock Visitors in your Web Site.  Full screen window script.
A popup for impact messages  This script creates a pop-up-window that rushes right around the screen. that pops up when a visitor enters in the web page and it appears on the top left corner, goes to the bottom, then to the right, then to the top and to the left back to the left top of the window and it is Great impact for banners and important messages! that will attract viewers attention.
Scroll bar color Script code generator Enhance your web pages Web tools Change the colors on your scroll bar Get the script with this great Scroll bar color Script code generator.


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